High School Team

Kimber Finn : Ninth Grade Home Room

Kimber Finn

Ninth Grade Home Room

Kimber has grown up in Nash County for the majority of her life and attends Englewood Baptist Church.

She is married to Matt Finn and has one son, Elijah, who attends NLCA.

Kimber was saved and baptized when she was seven years old. After feeling the Lord calling her to come back to Him, she rededicated her life to Christ when she was 22.

She did not know how passionate someone could be for a job until she started teaching at NLCA. She loves helping students learn new things and feels that teaching is truly her calling from God.


Kim Winstead : Tenth Grade Homeroom

Kim Winstead

Tenth Grade Homeroom

Kim has lived in the Nash County area her whole life.

God sent her wonderful husband to her when she was twenty-three years old. They have worked together with kids through Boy Scouts.

She has worked with public school until God blessed her with what she calls “the best job she's ever had other than being a nanny."

All her life, she wondered why God gave her such a “mixed” bag of talents. Now that she is at NLCA, she knows why. Kim thanks God every day for giving her the opportunity to love all the children. Each one is a blessing in their own way, and she  feel very blessed that she would be allowed to teach children about God’s artistic beauty in everything around them.


Melissa Barbour : Eleventh Grace Homeroom

Melissa Barbour

Eleventh Grace Homeroom

Melissa attends Englewood United Methodist where she is the choir director and pianist.

Her favorite part of teaching is building relationships with students and learning as she teaches.

Melissa accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior as a child when she was praying with her mom before bed one night. She has had the honor of leading each of her children to the Lord in the same way. She has always been active in church, especially in music. God gives her hope and a thirst to know Him more every day.


Carmen Price : Twelfth Grade Homeroom

Carmen Price

Twelfth Grade Homeroom

Carmen attends the Gold Valley Church of God of Prophecy and is the State Youth Director for NC Church of God of Prophecy.

She is married to Christopher, and has one daughter, Abygail, who attends NLCA.

Her favorite thing about teaching is connecting with the younger generation and seeing them grow in the Lord. She also loves seeing them grasp concepts they did not understand before.

God has brought Carmen far in life, and she is thankful He is not done with her yet. Her goal is to grow in him everyday.