NLCA has had such a positive influence on my two daughters, Sydney and Abby. We are so happy that we chose this school for them to attend. It was one of the best decisions that we have ever made. Thanks NLCA for going above and beyond for all of the children that are a part of this school.

DeeAnn Seymour, Mother to a 2nd and 5th Grader

As a pastor, it is important to me that my daughter is in a safe and nurturing environment. After much debate about the public school option, we decided to give New Life Academy a try. After comparing with other private options, we were blown away by the value that NLCA has to offer. Not only is it the most affordable option that we explored, the way they took my daughter in and lovingly welcomed her the first day we enrolled will never be forgotten.

I love the personal attention that she gets, and how involved we can be in her education. Her teacher even gave us her personal cell phone number! I have gotten to know her classmates through participating in field trips and special events, and I even have had the privilege of leading chapel for the school on a couple occasions. I view everyone at NLCA as being a family-like community, and I am glad that my daughter is a part of it.

Best of luck with the future growth of the school.


Pastor Phil